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How to Apply

Who should apply?:

Students interested in applying to the ReNewZoo Research and Training Program must possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline:

                                                                   - Biology

                                                                   - Conservation

                                                                   - Ecology


Next Steps:


1) Students meeting these academic requirements are to identify a ReNewZoo Co-Grantee they wish to work with and contact them directly. Click here for a list of our Co-Grantee's and their contact information.

Our Co-Grantees may already be recruiting students to the ReNewZoo program for specific projects! 


2) Interested students will then have to gain admittance into the graduate program associated with the university of the potential supervisor (Co-Grantee).


3) Concurrently, the supervisor (Co-Grantee) and the student will submit the student's name to the ReNewZoo Admissions Committee for inclusion in the program.

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