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Dr. Gary Burness

Professor of Biology, Trent University
Research Interests:  
- Ecological & Evolutionary Physiology
- Animal Energetics
- Metabolism
Website: The Burness Lab
Dr. Gillian Crozier

Associate Director of ReNewZoo
Canada Research Chair in Environment, Culture and Values (Tier 2)
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Laurentian University
Research Interests:
- Philosophy of Biology
- Bioethics
Website: Gillian Crozier
Dr. Clint Kelly

Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Ecology
Groupe de Recherche en Ecologie Comportementale et Animale
Département des Sciences Biologiques, Université du Québec à Montréal
Research Interests:
- Sexual Selection
- Sperm Competition
- Alternative Reproductive Strategies
- Ecological Immunology
Website: The Kelly Lab
Dr. David Lesbarrères

Dean of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Biology, Laurentian University
Research Interests:
- Ecology
- Evolution
- Host-Parasite Interactions
- Road Ecology
WebsiteGenetics and Ecology of Amphibians Research Group (GEARG)
Dr. Jacqueline Litzgus

Professor of Biology, Laurentian University
Research Interests:
- Evolutionary Ecology & Conservation Biology of Reptiles
- Life History & Ecology of Turtle & Snake Species
- Maternal Investment
- Demography
- Road Ecology
- Spatial Ecology
- Habitat Selection
Website: Litzgus Lab
Dr. Gabriela Mastromonaco

Curator of Reproductive Programs & Research, Toronto Zoo
Research Interests:
WebsiteToronto Zoo Reproductive Biology
Dr. Axel Moehrenschlager

Head of the Centre for Conservation and Research, Calgary Zoo
Research Interests:
- Reintroduction of Endangered Species
- Captive-Breeding
- Population Viability of Species
- Community Conservation for biodiversity and local community livelihood
WebsiteCalgary Zoo
Dr. Arne Mooers

Professor of Biodiversity, Phylogeny & Evolution, Simon Fraser University
Research Interests:
- Conservation Phylogenetics
- Speciation
- Evolutionary Ecology
- Conservation Biology
WebsiteEvolution and Conservation
Dr. Trevor Pitcher

Interim Director Research and Innovation (ORIS)
Associate Professor of Biology, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research,
University of Windsor
Research Interests:
- Restoration Ecology of Great Lake Fish Species
- Genetic Quality, Sexual & Natural Selection in Salmon
- Reproductive Ecology of Salmonids
- Aquaculture
- Reproduction & Aquatic Contamination Stress
- Genetic Quality and Conservation Breeding Programs
Website: The Pitcher Lab
Dr. Andrew Trites

Professor and Director, Marine Mammal Research Unit, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia
Research Interests:
- Biology of Marine Mammals
- Population Dynamics
- Bioenergetics
- Fisheries
- Data Analysis
WebsiteMarine Mammal Research Unit (MMRU)
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